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Historical Videos

A 1942 “Victory Short” documentary film.
Japanese Propaganda Movie; includes recreation of Battle of Bataan using American POWs

We Are Soldiers Still

I lay silent in my grave as sunsets come and go
Time lost its meaning quite some time ago
This earth that I lay under was once a battleground
And remains of men like me lay scattered all around
I hear the voices above me and steps of many feet
No one knows of our location nor of our defeat.
The children sing and play not far from where we lie
We hear their laughs and screams and even when they cry
The sounds we hear above us are sounds of normal life
Not the sounds of bombs and bullets or casualties of strife
No sounds of screeching horses or sounds of rusty treads
Nor cries of wounded men soon to join the dead.
The times have changed somewhat over the span of years
No longer do loved ones call our names accompanied by tears
We stood our ground as best we could and gave it all we got
But day by day our numbers thinned as each of us were shot
I only ask that you think of us and hopefully you will
We were soldiers then and we are soldiers still.

Robert Hudson 7/24/2011

I Am An American Veteran

I raised my hand an oath I swore
To keep my country free,
In time of peace in time of war
A soldier I would be.
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine
My mission is the same,
Protect my home from the unforseen
Though no one knows my name.
From the Revolution where I took a stand
Through World Wars One and Two,
Korean Conflict, Vietnam
I thought my wars were through.
But terror struck my nation’s heart
That dark September morn,
So, once again I did my part
A soldier was reborn.
No one can know what I’ve been through
From ribbons on my chest,
But this from my heart I swear is true 
I always did my best.
I Am An American Veteran.

By Barry Hirschberg 2021